It is the restaurant that will surely provide you what you desire. Something little from everything. Our new menu and cocktail assortment is compiled to enable everybody to find the real thing. The one he/she likes, in the way we prepare only in Buena Vista.

Our restaurant is an isle of tranquility in the hectic life of “Liszt Ferenc” square. It is an excellent place for business dinners or parties after theater performances. Even company presentations or cocktail parties may be organized for a few persons in the private rooms.

Our chef makes both international and domestic courses while is eager to serve such with care since both the mouth and the eye are to be pleased in our restaurant. Our guests may take the liberty of relying on the recommendations of our waiters – disappointment is excluded!

Café / Terrace 

Here the Guest is given not only the drink from freshly roasted coffee beans but also mood, joy and buzzing. Or, may the guests of Buena Vista choose the convenient arm-chairs. In the shade of unbrellas  it is needless to say that in addition to the dozens of coffee and tea specialties, light salads, food specialties as well as delicious desserts are also offered on the menu to our guests. 

-    café: 80 persons
-    restaurant: 60 - 70 persons
-    private room: 16 persons
-    brasserie / Club: 70-90 persons
-    terrace: 160 persons

-    születésnapok
-    company parties
-    press conferences
-    presentations
-    wedding parties
-    bridegroom’s farewell parties, betrothal’s farewell parties
-    private partis with DJ-s may own organised , all style